Stopping Power

Feb 2, 2022 | H/V Advantage | 1 comment

At top speeds of around 30mph, these bikes are NOT your usual bicycle! This along with added weight changes the way some components need to work. Arguably the most important would be the brakes. The vast majority of our competitors sell bikes with mechanical brakes meant for the same bike your 6 year old is doing six mph around the driveway. Does this sound right to you? Spoiler alert, it’s not! The alternative is hydraulic driven disc brakes that offer more stopping power, and do it quieter and smoother. After extensive testing and many miles ridden on both (bikes with mechanical & bikes with hydraulic brakes), we decided not even to offer the inferior product, and to only sell bikes equipped with front and rear hydraulic powered brakes. This monster upgrade is included for free on every model we sell. You wouldn’t find weak mechanical brakes on a motorcycle, and you won’t find them on our ebikes either!

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1 Comment

  1. Michael

    Chris is an ebike angel sent from God.No I am not on the payroll.This company is a godsend and I would be screwed if he wasn’t here.Not going in specifics but time and time again nothing but the best customer care possibly allowed by law.If you go anywhere for anything ebike related (probably does life skill coaching as well)go to high voltage and talk to Chris.You won’t regret it


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