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TIGER Long Range Moped-Style Electric Bike
Revive the classic ’90s moto elements and showcasing California vibe. experience the ‘Joy on the Journey’


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retro redefined

Inspired by the classic automobiles and motorcycles of 1950s America, our ebikes meld timeless retro aesthetics with the sunny disposition of California style. Ride in elegance, embracing the allure of vintage grace with joy in every journey.

smart control, seamless ride

Our ebike’s high-integration smart dashboard brings the future to your fingertips. Start-up, horn, turning, and headlight controls are all unified, offering you complete control over your ride with effortless ease.

effortless security for your e-bike

Unlock your Qiolor e-bike securely with our NFC card or your mobile phone. Enjoy seamless on/off control, ensuring a smooth and protected ride every time.

craft your own style

Dive into personal expression with our complimentary stickers and customizable panels, empowering your DIY spirit. With our e-bike, you’re not just riding; you’re showcasing your unique style to the world.

say goodbye to range worry!



Experience thrilling rides with our 15A/48V battery offering over 70 miles of range or enjoy the freedom of over 100 miles with our powerful 35A/48V battery, turning every journey into an exhilarating adventure.

creaft your style

dual-piston hydraulic brakes

Experience unmatched safety with our high-performance dual-piston hydraulic brakes, designed for immediate stops and complete control. Whether navigating in rainy days or challenging terrains, enjoy superior braking reliability that keeps you secure on every journey.


750w robust motor

Embrace the thrill of the open road with our compact yet potent 750W brushless motor, delivering an exhilarating 1100W peak power. Ride with confidence, style, and unmatched freedom.

innova outstanding tire

Tigger Equipped with INNOVA’s enduring street tires, our ebikes promise a ride that’s not just about getting from A to B, but about reveling in unmatched smoothness and heightened efficiency. Glide through the city’s pulse with comfort and grace, enjoying the joy in the journey.


creaft your style

the perfect balance


ergonomic memory seat

Eases long rides with superior comfort, ensuring no fatigue.

colorful multi-function display

Effortless tracking of your ride data in vibrant clarity.

versatile riding modes

Empower your journey with tailored power settings for any scenario.



Peak 1100W


48V 15 / 35Ah

charging time

5 / 10 hours


60 / 130 miles

top speed



l * w* h

65” * 29.1” * 38.1”

max load

400 lbs

bike weight

87 / 98 lbs

fat tires

20″ * 4.0


Aluminium Alloy


elastic foam

battery weight

9.35 lbs

pedal assist

Pedal Assist



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