Bike Lock

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Color: Black
Material: Alloy Steel
Weight: 2.921 lbs.
Length: 110 cm (3 ft 7 in)


Protect your investment with this Level-5 Anti-Theft folding bike lock.  Compact & light enough to be stored in our cell phone/storage case or in our barrel bag.  Strong enough to stand up against any attempts to be sawed, sheared, or drilled.  Made with 5mm alloy steel bars and advanced innovative technology, this bike lock is twice as strong as ordinary locks and will give you the peace of mind to take your bike anywhere.  Folding bike lock is also coated in paintwork-safe plastic casing so you don’t have to worry about it chipping away the paint on your ebike frame.  Comes with two keys and a plastic case.

2 reviews for Bike Lock

  1. Lydia Hickey

    Great lock for my Mokwheel bike, fits great anywhere I go! Thank you for your recommendation!

  2. Jeremy lewis

    Very nicely built lock. Fits on upland plus e-bike very nicely

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